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for Local business

Facing the challenge to promote your local business within a tight marketing budget? Exploring options for a cost-effective Digital Marketing partner? What are the options that you tried?

An In-House Digital Marketing team? Well, you find it too expensive!

Thinking of hiring an agency? Again, it is way over your budget!

A freelancer who can do the job for you? Not a cost overrun for sure, but not at all dependable!

If you relate to any of these, why not give a try to the Do-It-Yourself Digital Marketing platform GenieAli? GenieAli- specifically designed for your local businesses.

GenieAli at a Glance

GenieAli analyzes your website, keywords, and competitions and comes up with a strategy to make the website come on the first page on Google. Based on the strategy, GenieAli assigns weekly tasks.

Step-By-Step instructions are available on how to do the task. No professional experience and knowledge of digital marketing is required to do the task assigned by GenieAli. GenieAli keeps track of progress for each keyword and ranks in Google search.

Who Can Use GenieAli ?

No professional experience and knowledge of digital marketing is required to use GenieAli. If you have a basic knowledge of English( high school) and are proficient in using the internet, you can easily work with Genie Ali.

Do-it-Yourself or Assign Someone:

As a business owner, you might not have the time to do Digital Marketing using GenieAli yourself; however, you can always assign someone else. Following the step-by-step instructions, anyone can complete simple tasks assigned by GenieAli.

Estimation of time for doing the task by GenieAli

GenieAli provides the estimated time to complete each and every task. You get a clear idea of how much time you have to spend each week on digital Marketing

Auto verify Every Task

GenieAli not only estimates the time that will take to do the task but also verifies the completed tasks automatically.

Genie Ali Services(TM)at a Nominal Rate:

Schedule social media posting based on occasions and reach out to the audience at the right time at the right place.